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tv   [untitled]    January 20, 2011 6:00am-6:30am PST

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to attend. maybe at that time we can discuss how we can all help. if the board of supervisors decide it belongs in another department, so be it. right now, i believe it is a department of public health issue. i would like to see more movement from the department of public health. >> thank you, commissioner. we will be looking deeply at that. the current group that has been put to another by the department of of the old and aging, are looking specifically into issues with bedbugs. we have made recommendations that we expand this to other city agencies so that we can come up with a more
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comprehensive approach. with my department, i'm going to be talking, probably calling some of the managers together to come up with better enforcement tools. there is nothing wrong with the tools already. they address the problems, but i think hearing all the feedback from all the tenants and people who have spoken today, clearly, there are ways we can improve our enforcement activities, and i think go out looking for areas of possible addition to staffing to make sure that we respond more quickly, make sure that we continue to get dpw involved, and if they see any items on the streets that have been disposed of illegally, that they should call us and probably start having a more stringent
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enforcement approach towards the problem. commissioner murphy: i would like to thank everybody that came. i think it is going to have to be a team effort. [inaudible] to follow-up on this. [inaudible] okay, next item. let's get back on schedule here. >> we finished with item threea -- 3a.
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we are on an item 3b, which is under the director's report, the update on proposed legislation. i know, it is confusing. >> good afternoon, commissioners, president murphy. there's nothing to report from dbi at the current time. >> anybody have any questions or any public comment? commissioner murphy: public comment on item b? seeing none. >> seeing none, item 3c is the update on the permit tracking system. >> deputy director,
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administrative services. i was so anxious to tell you this. the rfp was issued on friday, so it is out right now. with the blessing of the city attorney and the human rights commission, we did and outreach program where we sent out to the, like, 60 firms that might be interested that we got names from the international code council. we have names that we used last time. we have put an ad in the paper sunday and yesterday. the "examiner" will go out, i believe, tomorrow and friday. we have posted it on our web site with a link from planning to come to our website and
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purchasing to come to our website. we have done a lot of outreach to try to get people aware of the rfp. we have a mandatory pre-proposal conference on the 26th. then, what happens there is people come in and ask questions, and they also get to meet some of the people who are interested in doing the local business enterprise people so that they can partner up because there is a 6% goal on this. then, we have the actual rfp due on march 2, and that will give them sufficient time to ask their questions. it gives us time to respond to their questions, and for them to be able to do the proposal.
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so, you were interested in kind of an overall view last time. should we do a review for minimum qualifications? we do a widget -- written review of the proposals, and then they come in and did a demonstration that is estimated to be the week beginning march 28, and then, we go to the steering committee for their final evaluation, and that is estimated to be the week beginning april 11. we have not gotten any notification, but, i mean, we have only really have one day -- one-and-a-half days, let's put it that way. i have not gotten any notification that there is some fatal flaw. people had a couple of
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questions, but those would be addressed during the conference, so i'm hoping that all the time and effort that i put in and planning that in, and, you know, our technical folks did is really going to make this be successful. commissioner murphy: ok, [inaudible] >> the proposals are actually due on march 2. commissioner murphy: [inaudible] >> right, right, right. we do a lot to get to the evaluation stage way before they come in for a demonstration. we will await those that are not qualified, and we have them come and show us their product. commissioner murphy: [inaudible] >> yes. >> is there a condition of how long it should take for the
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installation to happen? >> we have asked -- we have told them that we anticipate it to take 24 months. >> it will take that long? >> it is rather complicated. it is really up to 24 months, but that is from the point of the actual execution of the contract. depending upon how their commercial off-the-shelf product meets the needs of everything we want, it can go faster, but it really depends on how things shake out. we are committed to try to get this done as quickly as possible, but as i have been saying all along, we want to make sure that what we want is what we get and what we get is what we need. >> thank you. commissioner murphy: thank you,
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tom. any public comments? i see none. >> cnn, -- seeing none, item 3d. >> i would like to continue this item until our next special meeting. it will be address with our budget presentation. commissioner murphy: ok, fine. public comments on this? the next item. >> item 4, public comment. the bic will take public comment on matters within the commission's jurisdiction that are not part of this agenda. commissioner murphy: no public comment. >> seeing no public comment, item five, update and discussion regarding the impact of ada requirements on small
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businesses and dbi's role. commissioner mar: can we move this matter to the next meeting as well? >> can i ask a question? we had planned in the past to have a joint meeting with the small business commission. is that rescheduled, and maybe this could be an agenda item we could talk about? >> yes, let's talk about that. >> that has not been set up yet. commissioner murphy: no date yet? >> no date yet. so we are voting to continue this item? >> can we move to next month's meeting? i would like to discuss what we're doing in our apartment before we go to the small business commission. >> ok. all in favor? we are continuing. any public comment on this item? >> so we are moving this to our next meeting, which is a special
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meeting on february 3. item six, discussion and possible action regarding proposed changes to administrative bulletin ab035, regarding procedure for assigning and/or changing street numbers. >> good afternoon. i have passed out to all of the commissioners and have extra copies of here on the table for the public the proposed street #address and procedures for internal use for staff that the commission requested that accompanied the address and procedure bulletin. i did attend the advisory committee meeting last week on this item. there were several discussions and several little things that were changed, and there is one thing that is missed in the current version, in your bulletin.
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under the responsibilities of the property owner, one of the words was that they should identify or notified the private agencies, and that word "agencies" was changed to be "entities." so we make sure the property owner is responsible for notifying everyone else outside of the public agencies and the federal agencies that the dbi is responsible for notifying. that is the only correction in that bulletin before final publication. >> the project sponsor will be told when he submits his application for a permit. at that time, he has to get the address certification. >> we are asking that they come in before they submit their plans so that their plans reflect the address that is going to be assigned to the
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project. >> what are we doing to notify the public? >> these are trapped procedures. they have to be approved by the department, and as soon as they are approved, we will notify that. we are dealing with project sponsors one on one as they come in. i had addressed at the public advisory committee meeting and ask people to get their address changes now. it was a policy in the department that new addresses were not assigned until the building was built, and that is a little bit late to go in and change everything with the utility company and try to get services supplied to a building that you have an incorrect address on. >> i think it is about time. commissioner walker: maybe to that point, maybe we could schedule this as a brown bag issue for that brown-bag public, because it is about notifying people with the change is in
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process and procedures, or something. the boy president murphy was making is how do we notify people who might need to go through this and want to know how to do it? >> right, and we want to publish it on the web, and we want to advise project sponsors to come in before hand, especially if you have a large project. takes several weeks, and sometimes, there are issues. we are dealing with hunters point right now, and we have streets that wrap around each other, and street numbers are repeating themselves, so we have to address that in other ways, and there are ways to handle that before it happens out there in the field, and that is what we're trying to do now, the more proactive on the issue. >> is there a list of the recommended minimum number of entities to be notified, or else, it just becomes this moving target for different sponsors. >> for the property owner, it
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would be anybody outside of a utility company or post office or any city agency. all of your private people that you deal with, your friends, your relatives, private companies that you receive mail from, you would do a change of address request. or if you have a new address, it is already established once we send that notice to all the public agencies, so your address is established when you move into your new condo, now, instead of after the fact, so to speak. that is what we are trying to deal with now, trying to be more pro are due, so if you go out and buy a new piece of property, you have an address on that when you buy it. you are buying the right property, and it has the right assigned lot number, and that is something that has not happened in the past. >> in essence, they already know who they are supposed to be contacting? >> yes.
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we are working with the department of public works. as new apartments are being developed, we are actually looking at the plans before they are submitted to make sure that the address that they wanted to use is the correct address, and it is not in the middle of a blocked where it should be at the front. we are getting the word out, and i have had a lot of people come in and deal with this, and we are setting up the team to deal with this in the future. this will be addressed in the procedures, and it will be established at our help desk that we will have established on the first floor. commissioner murphy: [inaudible] >> yes, this will be a topic of discussion at the pac. >> i just wanted to reiterate that what is new in this to address the issue that has been brought before us is that tenants who may be affected by this type of address change get notified as the person who is
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applying for the address. >> actually, we are asking that tenants be notified prior to submitting to develop an affidavit that the property owner will have to provide. immigrate. thank you. >> any more commissioner comments? be >> ok, i think i'm ready now.
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well, as you know, i have been here coming for two and a half years, in spite of my complaint. that was according to the law, and i did not get satisfaction. never met with the director who was supposed to take care of the violation. neither did i get satisfaction from the building inspection commission, who has been delaying, and there is no public hearing, and one of the most important parts is the all my friends here, we should have a public hearing to hear the changes that are being suggested, which sound of
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churches. before i continue with burial thing is that the problem is that it is important to remember that actually, my landlord and many landlords like him are attacking with blood, so they are trying to extinguish us from having a place to live with dignity. now, about my case, you all know that -- if you do not know by now, maybe today is a great day. that everybody walks in dbi with this application for a permit, and i thought it was a permit at the beginning. i spent more than one year, and i went again, and i went again,
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and they said clearly, applications for building permits, additions, addresses, and repairs. also, staff here, many people do not know that we have a warning right here below that says here this is not a building permit. no work shall be started until a building permit is issued. so how can the landlord tried to get [inaudible] that is a brand new unit. that number was only for the brand new units on the third floor. we went through the planning
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commission, the board of appeals, and they all cancelled their permit because [inaudible] commissioner murphy: thank you, mr. morales. >> why don't you all understand that? it is a mystery. >> trichet commissioner murphy: thank you -- commissioner murphy: thank you, sir. >> i like to move to approve the notice put together by the and that is before us regarding address changes. i think we have discussed this a lot. i think the way that we have the procedure and the new rules and the new notification will make sure that tenants are advised within the time limit so that they can properly deal with these issues instead of missing their opportunity.
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i think it is a really good solution to the problem that we have been made aware of, and i like to move to forward it. >> second. >> we have a motion and a second. all those in favor? those opposed? and there is that one correction that needs to be made. item seven, discussion and possible action regarding a new administrative bulletin, guidelines for the structural review of continuous tied down systems used to resist overturning of white frame would
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shear walls. >> i have some concern about the language. i do not know if you would like me to go over that here or wait until the end of the meeting. >> we need to discuss it i think in a public forum. >> ok. there is reference to shrinkage compensating device, it typically provided by the manufacturers. this is written as if you could design systems force yourself because all the static is really quite simple. the only item that needs to have some sort of documentation of approval or acceptance would be the shrinkage compensation device. i think that should be acknowledged in here. what is the plan for that? second, in the preface, it is a good description, but it does not mention the fact that those are required to resist the
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tension of the ride that goes up the building. i just think it should be included to clarify. item seven, there is -- in the standpoint, but a lot of times shear walls are misaligned. as they go up the building, the job. does that mean that any wall within a common line, not just continue is textbook-looking shear walls -- they are not allowed to be next, so perhaps that could just be clarified. >> yes, and i think the best thing to do is refer it back to the subcommittee and have you present your concerns to the subcommittee said they can be discussed at their level. >> i support that. i refer it back to the code advisory committee and have them
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resubmit to us. >> is that in the form of a motion? all those in favor? all opposed? ok, this item is being referred back to the code advisory committee. commissioner murphy: public comments on this? seeing none. >> ok, we already heard item eight. we are moving on to item nine, which is update discussion and possible action regarding the community action plan for seismic safety. >> we have printed out the report, and the reporters also online for public view. we will have a copy in the department for public review also. it is here.
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it is finished. the next step is that as everyone knows, there has been several executive directives to establish a seismic committee, of which i am a member, and dbi will be participating heavily in this committee to go forward with the mandatory seismic retrofit program. >> does that mean that some of the items that shares have included in our hand outs and recommendations -- would those be part of your role as director or part of your role as this may or a committee? >> it will be part of the citywide directive. it is going to be a citywide effort. to this fact we also need to bring in the funding aspect of it to help do this, so dbi cannot do that by itself, so the
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mayor set up a committee to involve all city departments that will be affected by this and make it a citywide effort. it will eventually be at our apartment at the end for inspection and implementation, but the actual aspect or incentives for the program will be developed city-wide. >> thank you again for this massive -- let me see this book here. it is a massive undertaking of crucial importance. i know it is going to be our exercise for the day. >> we have someone here from the mayor's office -- >> can i finish? i was not finished, no. i think that one of the things that we should follow up on is the discussion about a mandatory program. >> that is at the city wide level now. it has been referred to the city
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administrator by the mayor. >> ok. commissioner murphy: as i understand it, it is our of our hands. >> ok, got it. >> i guess i'm here to speak to the commission about the executive director that -- executive director of that then mayor newsom issued. this was made possible by the work that everybody had a hand in putting together. that it binder made it possible for the mayor to issue executive director then to administrator lee to begin a new implementation work group. the idea that they did -- that capss did exactly what it was supposed it appeared identified risks in a scientific way, identified a number of strategies to mitigate those risks, protect life and property
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in the event of an earthquake, so what the then mayor decided was to pass the task of implementing this report on to a group of folks who specializes in implementation. talking with the community, working with a number of different city departments, including the comptroller's office, dbm and obviously dbi is a big part of that, and public agencies to figure out how to protect the city. that executive director now resides with amy brown, and she and i have had some productive and substantive talks about how to move that forward now that she is our city administrator. we are going to be convening folks, including people who participated in capss, but also, these w


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